Picturesque-Li Junlin-Research on Meticulous Flowers-and-birds Painting

Li Junlin

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Picturesque-Li Junlin-Research on Meticulous Flowers-and-birds Painting. Drawing is vivid language and it is unnecessary to be told clearly by many words and it is hard to be told clearly because independence of vivid language and definition of character expression are hard to keep pace with each other. It can be perceived but cannot be described with words. Once it is described with words, significance will be lost. I always laugh myself for not being good at language and lacking of speaking for interesting things, but entering limitless wondering directly. Painting is merited telling method. Chances to talk are fewer and fewer. My heart is quite without speaking. When heart is quite, space for imagination and thought is sufficient. Only in quite condition, we will find beauty concealing in common and trivial things. It is original intention to express these nice feeling and experience truly and completely by means of vivid expression.

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