Death of an Official's Son

Li Zhang

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brief introduction:Yang Jingyan, chairman of the Lingshui Petrochemical Company in the north, suddenly crashed into four uninvited guests and robbed a large sum of money from their home.Considering the social impact, Yang Jingyan wanted to rest on one's knees rather than to rest on his own feet. One gangster who had never wanted to participate in the robbery visited his home again and had no choice but to report the case because of unbearable circumstances.Public Security Bureau set up a 3.18 robbery major task force, anti-riot brigade member Li Jiwei is an experienced, distinctive detective, in the process of detecting the case, he found Yang Jingyan's son Yang Bo, Liu Jiqiang, executive vice mayor's son Liu Tao It seems that these people are inextricably linked.Since then, Li Jiwei Yang Jingyan cracked a major corruption case.The story is a novels story, complicated and confusing, character portray vivid, shaped a strong sense of justice police officers and men image.The author can be such a police detective is the reasoning and anti-corruption is the subject of writing so adept, enough to see the author's ability to control the text, which is rare in recent years a good work.

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