Steve Jobs

You Can't Learn from Him

Cai Yanpeng

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Steve Jobs left the world with the world's love and curiosity for him, and the myths surrounding him are still talked about with relish. He single-handedly founded Apple, one of the most influential companies in the world today. And when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, he returned to save the struggling enterprise.As he is often painted with a halo of divinity, it is important to examine calmly how this legendary genius led Apple to success, and what strategies are truly needed for a business.Steve Jobs: You Can't Learn from Him showcases Jobs' unique thinking in six key areas: entrepreneurship, management, talent utilization, innovation, branding, and challenges. Each excerpt is thought-provoking.The interpretation is insightful, and the wise words are like the finishing touches on a dragon's eyes.When you truly study Jobs' spirit and wisdom, even if you cannot become another Steve Jobs, you will definitely benefit greatly.Read on, and you will discover many truths that you should have known earlier.

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