Temptation Never Ends

Ling Moran

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Introduction of Flower Sparks: Temptation Never End: Is there anyone would is officious and ruin other's date? --Yes! i i Would someone ruin the date and run away! --Yes! i Would someone get troubles all the time after ruining the date! --Yes! Unlucky to be occupied by black belly men have wood! --Yes! ...What? Li Mingzhe, who failed in the blind date of my best friends is my BOSS! So, I am completely obedient to his assault. Xiong Doudou sighed with her hands on her hips. KFC, out! Instant coffee, out! Being teased when I wash the cloths and cook for you! I even need to educate your brother from time to time! Are you sure that you are my BOSS! Even the BLACK BUTLER is not better than me!

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