Huxiang Aristocratic Family

Luo's Family in Gusamhzhou

Luo Hong

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The Luo family in Gusangzhou is a famous family which has been famous in Hunan for more than 500 years. There are nearly 100 famous people recorded in Records of the Historian, such as the great educator, Confucian scholar, chief Luo Dian of Yuelu Academy, the director of Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature in Qing Dynasty, Luo Xiuyuan, the famous Confucian scholar and philologist of History of Ming Dynasty in Qing Dynasty, and Luo Ruhuai, chief editor of Hunan Articles. The family not only had a great influence and contribution in the modern history of Hunan, but also in the modern history of China. The description of the family in this book is actually a unique exposition of the modern history of Hunan and even modern Chinese history. The author of this book is a descendant of Luo''s family. It took six years to study thousands of historical documents to complete the book, showing the development of the family, important figures and events. The full and accurate historical materials, vivid stories and fluent writing make this book of high literature value, full of inspiration and readability.

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