Look for My Friend

Cui Zhonglei

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The world of science aims to reveal the truth while that of the fairy tale is full of imaginary.What will be like when the world of science and fairy tale connect to each other?Would the scientific knowledge be more interesting, or the fairy be more attractive?If you want to know, let's enter this magic "e;scientific fairy tale picture book library"e;!In this science book kingdom, we invited brown bears to experience the changing seasons through its perspective. We participated in the growth and adventure of giant pandas and learned how terrible the earthquake is. We went to the vast grasslands to learn about the life and dreams of the lions. We go to learn the insects with butterflies and play as a "e;hero"e; with ducks, and see how the seeds of the plants spread with the kittens.Of course, if you look at the sea, you can also see naughty little dolphins, carefree little blue whales, hearty seagulls and fierce sharks.The most amazing thing is that dinosaur from ancient times are here too!Scientific Fairy Tale Picture Book series is a product of the integration of fairy tales and popular science knowledge, allowing children to learn a lot of scientific knowledge while reading the story, so that the popular science reading becomes interesting.At the same time, each book contains 3D pictures, so that the protagonists in the book could be displayed in a vivid way.The encyclopedia Q&A and extended reading in the Scientific Fairy Tale Picture Book series can provide children with a broader knowledge space.I believe that in the funky science fairy kingdom created by Scientific Fairy Tale Picture Book series, the children will have a more fulfilling childhood!

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