Hsing Yun Diaries 8

Mercy Is Not A Fixed Point

Hsing Yun Master

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People's hierarchy of needs will change in accordance with different favourable or unfavourable turns in life. Mercy is not a fixed point but the constant purification and promotion. Hsing Yun Diaries 8: Mercy Is Not A Fixed Point, written by Grand Master Hsing Yun, includes four parts, namely "e;Recorded Events in Europe"e;, "e;Mercy Is Not A Fixed Point"e;, "e;What is Buddhism Practice"e; and "e;Having One's Own Nature is Essentially Peaceful and Quiet"e;. Diaries of Grand Master Hsing Yun from November 1, 1990 to December 31, 1990 are collected in Hsing Yun Diaries 8: Mercy Is Not A Fixed Point, and it keeps a detailed record of the daily activities to promote Buddhism, feelings, experiences and plans of Master Hsing Yun, integrates Buddhism, philosophy, literature, compassion and cherished desires together, which proves to be the spiritual expression and explanation of himself as well as the journey of benefiting mankind as an eminent monk of his generation, thus providing the precious first hand information for the preservation of the historical progress of modern Buddhism and proving to an effective way for us to cultivate our temperament as well as a bridge to cultivate our spirits, and we will learn various inspirations and new knowledge on the way of being a man and doing things from it.

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