Traditional Knowledge in Modern India

Preservation, Promotion, Ethical Access and Benefit Sharing Mechanisms

Nirmal Sengupta

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


This book demonstrates how traditional knowledge can be connected to the modern world. Human knowledge of housing, health and agriculture dates back thousands of years, with old wisdom developing and becoming modern. But in the past few decades, global communities have increasingly become aware that some of this valuable knowledge has fallen by the wayside. This has sparked systematic efforts at the local, national and global levels to connect this neglected knowledge to the modern world.

It discusses the origin of the topic, its importance, recent developments in India and abroad, and what is being done and still needs to be done in order to preserve India’s traditional knowledge. The discussions address a broad range of fields and organizations: from Basmati rice to Ayurvedic cosmetics; from traditional irrigation and folk music to modern drug discovery and climate change adaptation; and from the Biodiversity Convention to the WHO, WTO and WIPO.

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Traditional Knowledge, Access and Benefit Sharing, Traditional Cultural Expression, Geographical Indications India, Indigenous Knowledge India