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Spiritual Rebirth

How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Robin Sacredfire

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We tend to look at the duality in life as being either good or bad, but what if I told you that it's always good? When you lose the love of one person for one or many reasons, you can discover that there are dozens of other people that love you for no reason; when you can't find the knowledge that you need after reading many books, you may receive two words from a stranger that completely change your heart in a new direction; when you feel lost and unappreciated by others, you may get the best ideas for your future; And even if you lose everything in life, you can realize how rich you are already. The one who has nothing is already and truly rich enough. Dualities exist only to make us realize how wealthy we already are, whatever is the path chosen to realize it.
In this book, I propose you a spiritual rebirth, by comparing these words with your memories, traumas, challenges and dreams for the future. And in doing so, the book will take you towards a better analysis of what you should be doing to accomplish your goals in life. Hopefully, this book will also help you in learning how to love yourself, embrace your desires and grow stronger, in spirit, heart and mind.

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