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Light Over Darkness

Maria's Hidden Powers

Laura De Bernardino

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Religiöse Bilderbücher


When the Earth is in danger, the Light Warriors come out in the open. A forty-two year old woman, Maria De Angelis, is the main character of this novel. She recently moved to the house she inherited from her grandfather in the Borgo Pio area of Rome.  She is not aware that the house hides many secrets and that her grandfather had a double identity. A sudden trip to London to be by the bedside of her dying aunt, is the occasion to meet someone unexpectedly, which leads her to face her responsibilities. Maria is forced to accept a difficult task. Arthur, a worthy Light Warrior stands  by her side. Brother Simon initiates her on the use of God’s Powerful Seven Rays. Maria will never be alone in fighting the dark forces. The archangels,  having become actual real heroes, fight by her side to maintain Goodness on the Earth. But, who is really Maria’s grandfather? Why does she always hear people talk about a certain Count of Saint Germain? Will Maria and Arthur fall in love? Will Arthur find the hiding place of the letter from Maria’s grandfather? Are they already absorbing our energy without us being aware of it? Maria and Arthur invite you to read the fascinating pages of this novel. Do you know why? Because they are looking for brave allies. Registration is open.   

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