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But God

Overcoming Life's Dead Ends: A Year of Daily Devotions

Cori Kelly

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


But God is about overcoming the dead ends in our lives by faith and trust in God. It explains how allowing God to work in our impossible situations helps us realize God's purpose for us. Life simply doesn't work without God. It takes an intimate relationship with Jesus to achieve a happy and fulfilled life. These devotions, one devotion for each day of the year, reveal the author’s personal testimony as well as biblical examples that highlight the Scripture verse of the day. Cori is very open about her struggles and how she’s come to rely on God through them. She lays a solid foundation outlining the victorious life we can have if we put all of our trust in God. Readers will be encouraged in their faith and in their daily lives, non-believers will hopefully find Jesus and have their lives transformed, and above all, God will be glorified.  

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