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Professional Services Marketing

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A proven approach to revenue-generating marketing and clientdevelopment Professional Services Marketing is a fully field-testedand research-based approach to marketing and client development forprofessional services firms. The book, now in its SecondEdition, covers five key areas that are critical for firms thatwant to grow and become more profitable: creating a marketing andgrowth strategy; establishing a brand and reputation; implementinga marketing communications program; executing lead generationstrategies; and developing business by winning new clients. Youwill also read real-world case studies that illustrate majorpoints, as well as quotes and stories from well-respectedprofessionals in the industry. The Second Edition features new research and updatesthroughout, including new chapters on social media and onlinemarketing, as well as new case studies and interviews Authors Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr are the coauthors of theWall Street Journaland Inc. Magazine bestsellerRainmaking Conversations and Professional ServicesMarketing; Lee W. Frederiksen is coauthor of OnlineMarketing for Professional Services Will be widely promoted via multiple online routes and directmail marketing Firms of any size can use this proven approach to marketing andclient development to attract new clients and grow theirprofessional service businesses.