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TATUTA ...and the Valley in the Golden Circle

2050 The Fable in the Future

Egone Mariconda

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Märchen und Sagen


INTRODUCTION This fairy tale tells of a pretty Extraterrestrial girl named Tatuta who, with her two friends Kary the green-haired Fawn and the scientist Taodak, perform an interstellar and dimensional journey to reach the Planet Earth in need of care and help. Through beautiful dimensions of talking rainbows they meet fairies, precious gems with marvelous flashes, golden fishes, little cupids, "Cupids" builders of castles in which are contained magical shells bearing on the backs of the gems that form inscriptions of Peace and Universal Love. From every being that meets our friends they receive a Sprout of Peace for the Earth. They make their journey through space on a ship that is not a spaceship but rather a real "Valley" whose doors are called "Branches of Joy” and the same branches are open to offer our friends scenarios of rare beauty. The "Valley" is contained and protected on its journey by a circle called the “Golden Circle" The scientist Taodak studies the way to make a dimensional passage that will overcome and annihilate thousands of light years. Our friends will eventually bring their Sprouts of Peace to Earth as a new lifeblood of life and oxygen, thus fulfilling their mission in Love and Harmony.

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