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Italian Made Simple - Learn Italian Vocabulary the Picture and Word way

1.000 Words, Imagens and Bilingual Texts to Learn Italian Fast

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Have you been looking for the right tool to learn Italian the fast and fun way? Here it is! This eBook allows you to learn learn Italian words easy with the help of images and bilingual text. It's a great tool for Italian language learning because it includes:       1.000 Words Italian to English       1.000 Images       1.000 Bilingual Texts You can learn Italian in 10 minutes a day or more if you want by reading at your own rhythm the 10 chapters included in this amazing Italian for beginners eBook: [ Chapter 01 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT PROFESSIONS, TRAVEL AND FAMILY, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 02 ] - 100 ANIMALS NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 03 ] - 100 IMAGES OF ACTIONS AND FEELINGS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 04 ] - NUMBERS FROM 0 TO 100, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 05 ] - 100 FOOD ELEMENTS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 06 ] - 100 DRINK ELEMENT NAMES, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 07 ] - 100 WORDS, WITH COMIC CHARACTERS IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 08 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT CHRISTMAS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 09 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT SIGNS, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT [ Chapter 10 ] - 100 WORDS ABOUT MUSIC, WITH IMAGES AND BILINGUAL TEXT Because of the diversity of topics, you can use this Italian dual language eBook to learn Italian fast, step by step.  You will discover that our Italian English dual book is a great help for Italian reading and that the Italian parallel texts makes it perfect to learn italiano for any person, Italian Americans or not. The image included for every word helps you to memorize faster making this work almost a thematic Italian English dictionary. Why to choose this Italian textbook? Because it brings together the two best ways to learn Italian: - The Word with Image Method - The Bilingual Reading, with English and Italian versions Learning Italian key words with this book is very simple: - Just see the image - Read the name in English - Read the corresponding word in Italian  Just see the image and learn a new word, then go to the next image and do the same. Each new image will help you memorize a word in the new language in this learn Italian book. Step by step, with this learn French book for beginners, you will begin to learn French words, understand it and memorize more and more words and learn French rapidly. Just see the images and learn to speak with this English and Italian book. Use this learn Italian workbook to learn Italian the fast and fun way!

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