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Where the Blue Begins

Christopher Morley

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Belletristik / Gemischte Anthologien


"Where the Blue Begins" was written in 1922, a few years after the Mifflin novels, and is generally categorized as a "satirical novel", but that's a bit harsh given its rather genial tone. The characters are all recognizable human types, but presented in the physical guise of dogs. This allows for a great deal of sly humor involving tale wagging, wet noses, and the like, and some even more subtle jokes allowing dog species to stand in as character comments; (what species of dog would you choose to be the local vicar?). 

Anyway, our hero, Gissing, goes gallivanting off to seek new horizons, (where the blue begins), and has adventures. The results are amusing and instructive. This can be read as a child's adventure tale or as a more serious contemplative work, depending on one's inclinations and situation.

However you approach it, this is an accomplished work by a gifted author at the height of his powers. It suffers not at all from being dated; it may even work better now for that reason. Certainly a cheerful choice as a why-not? flyer.

Philosophy, religion, humor, and insight all combined in one book.

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