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A Family Destroyed

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Simon Winters finds his family along with his girlfriend in the act. Fueled by rage, disgust, and the utter betrayal of what they had done. Simon seeks out to bring his family down before disappearing. Six years pass. The war he fought weighs heavy on his mind. Yet if it wasn't for someone he might not be here to this day. Can he live up to her dying wish? Can he honor her memory?

Simon Winters smiled as he walked home. Knowing he had aced his finials for the semester. Now as he smiled triumphantly, all he had to worry about was Christmas vacation; and the last few months of high school. Life at that point was good for Simon. A nice girlfriend, good grades, and a family that loved him. How fate can be so cruel as Simon will soon find out. The bare trees swayed announcing the coming storm. Salt crunched under foot as he rounded the corner. Humming happily as he spotted his house in the distance. Arching his chocolate brown eyebrow when Simon saw his sister's car. Not that he didn't love her. Simon just wasn't fond of how she always greeted him. Although he was surprised to see her car, nonetheless.

Simon thought Amy wasn't supposed to arrive until next week. Then there was his mother and father's car, which was odd to him. They weren't known to skip work much less alone leave early either. Chewing on his lip recounting how Melody had skip school as well. Something odd was happening, and Simon didn't know if he wanted the answers. Walking through the side yard to the back. Simon was thunderstruck by what he saw through the blinds. Six people were bare ass naked in their living room: one was his father, sister, mother, his grandfather, uncle, and his girlfriend.

“Fuck your tight,” his father grunted as Melody rode him, “I can't believe my son hasn't fucked you yet?”

“I don't fuck boys, only men with fat cocks,” Melody said as his father held her legs up while ramming his cock into her.

“I don't like how you speak about my son...,” his mother began to say before his uncle reached forward grabbing a handful of her hair. “Fuck Robbie! Pound your sister's cunt!”

“Sorry Mrs. Winters, but I doubt your son has anything on your husband,” Melody said apologetically.

“True. Paul does have a fat cock,” his mother said through moans, “still that doesn't require you to bad mouth my son.”

“Relax Pamela. I doubt this girl is going to break up with him over it,” Paul said, hammering his cock in Melody's spent cunt.

“Oh fuck! I'm cumming!” Melody screamed out.

“You like sucking on my tits, don't you grandpa?” Amy asked as she rode their grandfather on the other couch. Whatever his grandfather said he couldn't hear. Not that he wanted to.
Rage, disgust, and the utter betrayal flooded his mind. Simon felt on the verge of violently expelling the contents of his stomach. Which he did all over his mother's prized rose bushes. Stumbling out from behind his home, Simon wandered for hours around his home town. Until he came upon a secluded gazebo. Icicles hung along the under hang of its snow covered roof. Shivering from the cold as his nearly frozen feet stumbled along the icy boards. Wrapping his arms around his chest to keep in whatever warmth he could muster. Simon silently wept. For two years they had been dating. Two years of put-ting up with her attitude.