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The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke / (The Singing Bone)

R. Austin Freeman

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


R. Austin Freeman, the founder of inverted detective stories, provides an absolute treat for the readers..Those into detective fictions will just love this innovative format of storytelling. 

In the topsy turvy world of The Singing Bone, Richard Austin Freeman presents us with a solution. The reader is asked to deduce how different mysteries were solved rather than whodunit. Freeman introduces five distinct tales of intrigue, romance, mutiny and murder. The ingenuity of these detective stories lies in their fresh and original approach in what amounts to a tantalising read. 

Great little short classic stories. Dr. Thorndyke reveals how to figure out how it was done. The who and why are given ahead of time and then the doctor uses different ways to deduce the sequence of events that lead to the murder. 

This is a collection of delightfully plotted stories that are puzzles, even though you know the identity of the villain close to the beginning of the story. What makes them special is there refreshingly on usual style and the detailed approach for solving each puzzle.

In the first story, a diamond dealer is found dead and the police want to call it a accident. The second story is a case about a man who kills a man for trying to blackmail him. The third is criminals all killing each other to keep their secrets.

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