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A Cabin In The Woods

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Alice a troubled teenager is sent to live with her uncle that she has never seen in fifteen years. In that remote valley Alice learns a great many things about her mother and uncle. Yet not everything is what it appears to be with William. Can she come to terms with the knowledge of her mother's incestuous affair with her uncle in her early years? What of the dark secret that they have kept from her all this time?

Alice stumbled into the rear door of her mother's home, high on Molly and drunk on cheap beer. Her dyed pitch black hair matched the midnight mascara that ran down her cheeks, along with the purposely torn and tattered identical black clothes that matched everything about the teenager. She didn't care if a group of guys ran a train on her just a few minutes ago, she didn't care about the threats her mother told her, every time she came home to their multi-million dollar home when she was either drunk, stoned, or both. To her, they knew nothing about her, only that she didn't fit into the mold they had set out for her. Was she proud of the fact she let five strangers fuck her? No she wasn't, yet that just wasn't something a proper lady did so her mother would have told her.

“What am I going to do with you, Alice?” the icy cold monotone voice of her mother startled the intoxicated teenager. “How many times have I told you not to come home when you're like this? How many times have I asked you not to be out until wee hours of dawn? How many times must I have to repeat myself before you get it through your head that your actions not only affect you but also us as well, hmm?” Dorothy said crossing her arms across her chest. Her once warm brown eyes burnt holes into her rebellious daughter. Her ginger hair fell down her back rustling against the silk nightgown she wore almost every night.

Being the wife of an investment banker had its perks or so she had thought. It gave her time to keep her forty-year-old body in shape, as well as to keep an eye on the up keeping of her family, namely her daughter. Her son took after his father, how he was her pride and joy as he took after his father; and he always was well behaved, always kept his nose clean, never caused their family problems, unlike his sister. Well, Dorothy was tired of it, tired of worrying if her daughter would be escorted home by the police or the call from jail telling her Alice had been arrested or worse.

“And I've never asked you to wait up,” Alice said slurring her words as she wobbled on her feet.

“You know what? I'm done trying to make you change,” Dorothy said throwing her hands up in frustration. “I'll show you what happens when you don't do the proper thing!”

“Oh, are you going to spank my naughty bottom?” Alice said in between hiccups.

”No, you insolent child, I'm going to take you to see your uncle, where you'll spend the summer while your father, grandparents, brother, and I tour Europe,” Dorothy said smiling cruelly thinking that her daughter cared about such things. “Now, march your butt to your room and pack, you're leaving this house before the sun raises. I don't want your father to see you in this sorry state,” she said in disgust wondering how her daughter could have turned out like she did.

“Fine, whatever,” Alice said shrugging her shoulders, she didn't really want to travel across strange countries. Eat strange food.