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Mediterranean Diet For Beginners

Easy And Delicious Mediterranean Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss And Healthy Living

Robert Anderson

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Do you desire tasty and easy to make recipes?
Are you considering cutting off carbohydrates and sodium from your meals?
Do you want to be a partaker in the numerous benefits of The Mediterranean Diet?

Then this Mediterranean Diet for Beginners Cookbook is specially tailored for you; renowned for its health and lifestyle benefits, Mark Sapienza described it as “more than just a diet but as a sustainable way of life.”

The Mediterranean Diet wasn’t designed for weight loss; it just happens to be one of the numerous benefit besides the preservation of memory, anti-depression, cancer prevention and others. With a detailed nutritional information, recipes carefully written for easier understanding and ingredients readily available at your local grocery store, this Mediterranean Diet for Beginners Cookbook houses a 21-day meal preparation plan to make smooth your transition into the Mediterranean way of living.

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