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A Son Forced

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A dominatrix mother seeks a master where she can drop her whip and submit to a worthy master. Her husband and daughter both serve as her subs. A twist of fate happens when she learns what her son has been doing. Once he learns it was him that made her submit, screaming out his name as she pleasured herself. She had to have him. Little did she know her son would become the master she had been seeking for so long.

Jason awoke with the sound of the last handcuff tightening around his wrist. Gagging as his 40-year-old mother stuffed her panties into Jason's mouth. Jason's muffled pleas went unnoticed for the life of him. Jason can't figure out why his own mother was about rape him for the lack of a better word.

For the past three years Jason had known what was going on between his mother, father, and sister. Only a blind and deaf man could miss what they were up to. Yet he never said a word, why…well, they're his family, and Jason didn't really care what they did any more.

Why should he they practically been ignoring that he even existed since Jason was young. That was when it all started between the three of them. Jason's father always wanted a son that was out going and fit like he was. However, he didn't get the kind of son he so hoped for. Ever since Jason read 20,000 leagues under the sea when he was eight. Jason knew what he wanted to do with his life. So instead of focusing on what his father wanted him to be. Jason hit the books literally studying works from Shakespeare, to Steven King all before the age of ten.

Studying the art form of what he would eventually become eight short years later. While granted his first novel wasn't what Jason genuinely wanted to write. “Yet one most go where the cash flow is,” Jason told himself when he submitted his work to an agent. Granted not under his own name of course. Nevertheless, Jason was truly shocked when his agent accepted the story he had submitted; since then Jason can honestly say he was the only teenager with $250,000 bank account that he used for his work.

Of course his family doesn't know anything about this, which is the way Jason like it. Whom he tended to keep in the dark as long as possible about what he did. Jason knew for a few months now that his mother and sister were fans of my work. Given the numerous volumes of his novels scattered around their rooms. Plus, the fan mail he had received from them didn't add to anything to what he already knew. That was until one fateful day when his agent showed up at the front door of their home.

“Yes?!” Jason heard as his mother answered the door. Standing as 5' 8" and a little over six feet if she was wearing the heels she wore with her suit when she went into her law office along with his father. Her raven hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She didn't like to wear a bra when she was home. The taut t-shirt allowed anyone to see every detail of her still firm breasts. Her blue jeans contoured to her pear-shaped ass, and her toned legs. Jason grew up being intimidated by her, when he was in trouble it only brought out the lawyer in her. That in of itself should and rightly so give anyone pause. Was Jason attracted to his mother? Not one bit, true she was attractive if he went off what his overly horny friends would say about her. Jason loved his mother as any son would, yet the distance grew between them as the years went on.