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Family Love Collection I

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A compilation of six lengthy erotic taboo stories of incest which include deviant mother son sex, father daughter lovers, and brother sister romances for your enjoyment.

The rear door of the U-Haul rolled shut. Eric Tawyer inserted the master lock into the slot, listening to the click of the mechanism. If it wasn't done right his father would bitch at him to no end. He hated leaving his Seattle home for the hot, humid, swamps of Baton Rouge. Yet he was a Navy brat. He had grown used to living from one base to another. With his father's transfer to the command center at the New Orleans Navy base. Eric was going to miss the friends he had made while in Seattle. Nonetheless, his father wanted to make admiral, and he couldn't do that from an office. He had to at least command a ship of his own, hence the move to Louisiana.

“Eric!” his father–soon-to-be Captain Tawyer–barked from the porch of their former home, “how long does it take to lock down a damn trailer?!” he asked his broad chest puffed out to show off his dominance.

“Just locking it down, Dad,” Eric said, keeping the contempt from his voice. “One more year,” he said to himself. They had waited till the summer to move so not to disrupt his junior year. However, he wasn't getting a birthday party. No sir, not for Eric, his father thought coming out of a birthing canal didn't call for celebration, at least for him. His sister Marsha was a different beast all together. His parents showered her with everything she ever asked for, while he had to work for whatever he wanted. When he was eight he had his own paper route delivering the base's newspaper when his father was stationed in New York.

“Well, hurry up, your mother wants one last picture of us and this place,” his father said. “Why of all days does this have to be my 18th birthday?” Eric asked himself.

“Honey stop pestering Eric this is his birthday after all,” his mother said, her honey blonde hair floated on the breeze, her tight t-shirt clung tightly to her chest detailing her rather firm breasts. Her low cut blue jeans showed off her apple shaped ass that she worked to maintain at the base's gym. “It's not Eric's fault that you-Joe-chose to move us cross the country for your carrier,” she said, with a hint of scorn when she had worked so hard to make the lower officers cocks hard with her body. She wouldn't sleep with them, never that, yet they could look all they want. Although in the past few months the thought had crossed her mind. To break the vows she took with her husband. To seek out a man that wouldn't leave her yearning for an orgasm, when her own husband got off after a few minutes. So she sought out her daughter thinking it wasn't cheating if it was within the family.
“Let's not start this again Joan,” Joe said pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Well, I always wanted to go to Mardi Gras,” Marsha said coming out of the house. Her red bookbag hung on her right shoulder. She had the same hair color as her mother. Though her slight chubby stomach did little to distract from her DD breast. Her mini skirt brushed along her mid-thigh.