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Family Secrets

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Samuel Goodall is estranged from his family after the death of his mother from cancer. He knew what his father and sister had done when his mother was wasting away. For two years he hadn't spoken to them. Nonetheless, events brings Samuel back into the sphere of his family. Little did he know of what fate had instore for him when he learns of his true family history. Will he choose life or will he allow his family to die?

Her jaw hung slack as her brother's nude, wet, dripping body held her enthralled. Taking a dry swallow as she noted the definition of his muscles, while not overly overbearing, yet lean enough to hide underneath a few layers of clothes. Kelly worked her tongue around her mouth trying to form something that would be recognize as speech and yet her mind seemed to have forgotten how to.

“Kelly! Jesus Christ don't you knock!” Samuel said startled trying to cover himself.

“Sorry!” Kelly stammered closing the door feeling her cheeks heat. Her heart pounded in her chest wondering when her brother had gotten into shape. Pressing her forehead against the door fighting herself not to open the door and have another peek at her brother. “Samuel,” Kelly said knocking on the door tentatively cracking the door open. “Do you mind walking me and Becky home?”

“All right,” Samuel sighed heavily. “Give me a minute,” he said as he moved around the room. Kelly stood quietly at the door hoping she would be able to see her brother through the small cracks. However, her dreams were dashed as the door inched closed the last thing, she saw was his towel covered posterior.

“Handsome little thing isn't he,” Charlotte smirked knowingly as she leaned against the door frame, crossing her arms across her stomach eyeing her nieces reaction.
“Mmmhmm,” Kelly said keeping her lustful thoughts to herself.