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Abandoned Son

Damien Sol

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Damien Richards never had what one could call an easy childhood. Left watching his mother abandoned him to start a new life with him, the child that reminded her of her rape. He was never expecting to see her again, that was until one thunderous stormy night. His battle harden eyes viewing the woman that abandoned him standing on his doorstep. The faint light of his home highlighting the bruises from the abuse from her soon-to-be ex-husband.

A little after one in the morning anyone would be annoyed by the noisy doorbell as Damien was at that second. Yet that paled to what awaited to greet him as he opened the door. The flood of emotions that bombarded his mind as he looked upon the woman he hadn't seen in twenty years. Narrowing his eyes as lightning flashed unrelenting hatred had won out as the rain hammered the roof.

“Uncle explain why you're on my doorstep with her?” Damien asked with a venom laced growl.

“Damien if you let us in I'll explain it all,” Maison said knowing how dangerous the situation was quickly becoming. “Please for me,” he whispered as he leaned towards the door. “They need your help Damien,” Maison said, hoping that his nephew would hear him out.

“That's obvious Uncle,” Damien said eyeing her bruised and battered face. “Still that doesn't explain why you thought it wise to show her where I live.”

“Damien you remember what dad always told you?” Maison asked noticing the tick in his nephews right cheek. “No matter how much you dislike them, they are still your family and family helps family.”

“Fine,” Damien sighed inching open his door. “You know how much I hate it when you pull out papa. Take your shoes off,” he said eyeing his estranged family. “You know your way to the living room, I'll meet you there,” Damien said drifting off to his room to retrieve a shirt. He had no wish for them to see things any more than they already have.

“Maison what happened to my son?” Martha asked as her twin daughters took their place on the couch. The multitude of scars that covered his body rocked her to her core, that rage she saw in his eyes was the same as always.

“Didn't know you had one Martha,” Maison said looking up to the second floor.

“You gave up that claim when you abandoned me,” Damien said as his shirt slid down his chest hiding his scars from view. “Leaving me alone with that woman, and papa when he wasn’t drinking. All so you can have those,” he pointed between her two daughters. “So obviously she has been beaten on, so the question is why do you think I will help,” Damien said sinking into his recliner.

“Because you're the only one that the other's don't know where you live other than me and Charlotte that is," Maison said resting his hand on his sister's knee. “Plus we can't have him sitting outside my home threatening my family any longer.”

“I see,” Damien muttered while he cared nothing for the rest of his estranged family. His uncle and aunt felt more like a mother and father than anything else. This was the only reason he had even considered hearing him out. Yet if they were under threat from whom, he could only assume her future ex-husband. Then Damien would help only his uncle, he could care less what happened to her. “Are they alright?” Damien asked they were the only ones he felt any attachment to.

“Yeah, just shaken up a little,” Maison said his shoulders sagging glad...