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The Seventy's Course in Theology (Third Year) / The Doctrine of Deity

B. H. Roberts

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The Seventy’s Course in Theology is one of the most important works of Mormon theology in the 20th Century, and its author, B. H Roberts, continues to be held as a leading LDS philosophical and theological thinker. It was intended as an instruction manual for those individuals who were called and ordained to the office of "Seventy" within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The volumes contain a variety of instructional aides, theological discussion, and lessons which are as valuable in the 21st century as they were when first compiled.

The Seventy's Course in Theology, Third Year, treats directly of the Doctrine of Deity. In structure and treatment of the theme, it follows the general plan of the First and Second Year Books. Therefore what was said in the Introduction to the First Year Book to "Class Teachers;" and on the "Manner of Lesson Treatment;" "Home Reading and Preparation;" "Scripture Reading and Special Texts;" and on "Lectures," will be available here. As quite a number of the Quorum members will not have First and Second Year Books, it is recommended that the Presidents or Class Teachers bring the suggestions under the above headings to the attention of the classes, and read them in class. An entire class session indeed, could be well spent in consideration of methods of work.