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Industrial Poisoning / From Fumes, Gases and Poisons of Manufacturing Processes

(Illustrated Edition)

Joseph Rambousek

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Technik


Uniform Title: Gewerbliche Vergiftungen. English

The attempt to systematise from the scientific standpoint the mass of material that has been collected about poisons is a very heavy task, even for the toxicologist who desires to treat his subject comprehensively. How much greater is the difficulty of writing a systematic book on industrial poisoning keeping practical application in the forefront!

Technical considerations which are decisive in the causation and prevention of industrial poisoning are here of especial moment, and must naturally influence classification of the subject-matter when the object is to assist those concerned in factory hygiene.

Bearing this in mind, I have divided the subject into three parts. The arrangement of the first, which gives as complete a statement as possible of the occurrence of industrial poisoning, into industries and processes was determined on technical grounds. The second, which amplifies the first, attempts to summarise the pathology or symptoms of the various forms of poisoning. The references to the literature of the particular subjects—as exhaustive as I could make them—will lighten further study. To these two parts, following on knowledge of causation and symptoms, the third, in which preventive measures are outlined, is linked.

The apparent drawback in use of the book is that one form of poisoning has often to be referred to in three places. But, I hope, this is more than counterbalanced by the completeness of the scheme which results from the subdivision of the subject.


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