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The armourer and his craft from the XIth to the XVIth century

(With Sixty-Nine Diagrams In The Text And Thirty-Two Plates)

Charles John Ffoulkes

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Technik


This book not only describes what armour is and how it was used, but also how it was tested, built, and proven in times of battle. Standard reference offers comprehensive, detailed record of 500 years of European armor — manufacture, materials, tools, cost, weight, and more. Over 100 illustrations. Bibliography.

Preface -- The armourer -- Tools, appliances, etc. -- Iron and steel -- The craft of the armourer -- The proof of armour -- The decoration of armour -- The cleaning of armour -- The use of fabrics and linen -- The use of leather -- The wearing of armour -- The armourers' company of the City of London -- Lists of European armourers -- Short biographies of notable armourers -- List of armourers' marks -- Polyglot glossary of words dealing with armour and weapons -- Appendices.

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