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Mom Punishes Son For Wrecking Her House

Charlie Flemming

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


When Margot comes home and discovers her son has had a party while she was away and totally fucked up her house. She's pissed but when she discovers her son's packing a giant dick, she thinks of a punishment than works out best for both of them.

Fred moaned in pleasure and put his head back down again. He wasn’t sure what had come over his sexy mom, but he didn’t mind.

Margot sucked her son’s cock into her mouth for a moment before taking it out again, “It’s too big son, you can’t expect me to,” Then she put her mouth over his cock again and gave it a few more sucks, before taking her mouth off his cock again, “No way son, there’s just no way your fuckstick can fit,” and then she sucked it about halfway down his shaft and stayed there for a moment, getting used to it as it started to fill her throat, then her head off his dick again, “Son, you can’t do this to your Mommy. You can’t,” and then she sucked him all the way in, feeling her son’s cock go down her throat, she started to really suck his dick, moving faster and faster as she did so.