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For The Love Of A Father

Douglas Mayweather

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A young man doesn’t know what he’s been looking for all his life until he finds it in the most unexpected place... the arms of his wife’s father.

One afternoon when Blaze returned from jogging and headed for the bath, Jonathan waited a few minutes and then walked into the bathroom.  As anticipated, Blaze was nude.  Instead of saying something like, ”Oops…sorry,” and retreating he said, “Oh, sorry…I didn’t know you were in here.  Let me know when you’re finished.  I need to freshen up before dinner,” which gave him enough time to get a good look at Blaze’s body from top to bottom, concentrating on his long, hanging cock and balls.

Blaze had not seemed startled nor had tried to cover his nakedness.  It had all happened in less than ten seconds, but there had been time for him to at least turn away, which he hadn’t, and time for Jonathan to implant the image in his brain.

The ten seconds had come and gone, but as Blaze stepped into the shower he felt aroused.  Jonathan having seen his body made him wonder what Jonathan’s body looked like.  He had never seen him even partially undressed, but he wore his clothes well.  That night when he was getting ready for bed he had the thought of “accidentally” exposing himself to his father-in-law.  He found the thought erotic.