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Grocery Shopping

Doctor Mom No.5

Charlie Flemming

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Mom needs groceries, but her son isn't satisfied so he fucks her in the grocery store.

Paula at the front counter could hear as Veronica yelled out in orgasmic bliss. And she knew exactly what was happening but a part of her couldn’t believe it. She walked out from behind the cash register and down to where the obvious noises of fucking were coming from until she came to the bread aisle. She gasped when she saw the sight before her. Her friend and doctor, Veronica, was bent over her shopping cart, her giant boobs had flopped out of her dress and were now bouncing in perfect unison as Veronica’s own son, Lee, fucked the shit out of her.

Lee saw Paula as he fucked his mother, and noticed that she looked shocked at the incestuous sight before her, but he could also tell she was very turned on. Having her watch them was a huge turn on to Lee as well and he could feel himself start to cum, “Mom, get on your knees!” He ordered, he wanted to show Paula what a slut his mom was.