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All in the Family Erotica: 10-Pack Vol 7

Jade Summers

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


More dirty, naughty, nasty relations between daddies, daughters, brothers, sisters, and other family members!

The themes in this collection include mind control, drunk and drugged sex, hypnosis, lactation, gang rape, gang bangs, orgies, lactation, pregnancy, breeding, sex slavery, punishment, humiliation, and free use situations.

These stories do appear in other specialty collections, so check the description for titles.

Download the sample for tons of sexy excerpts!

The 10 stories in this collection include:

Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison
Loving All My Daughters
Fucking My Daughter’s Big Tits During the Lockdown
My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and the Government Won’t Let Me Get an Abortion
My Daughters All Have Huge Tits and I’m Gonna Get Them Pregnant
I Ran Out of Cream for My Coffee So I’m Milking My Daughter’s Huge Tits
Punished by Daddy with a Giant Butt Plug
Super Sexy Daddy Daughter Orgy
Family Fuck Doll
Feeding My Family with My Huge Tits