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Voices of Tuscany

Giorgio De Martino

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Reise / Europa


The main goal of this ebook, translated in several languages, is to move the audience: to transmit and evoke in the reader a multitude of sensations. The text is structured on two levels: the first is a fluid and dense narrative that engages the reader with its fresh and conversational tone; this section is designed to arouse the emotions and aspirations of the reader. On a second level, the voices of famous Tuscans past and present discuss individual themes, places and various other aspects of the region. Their voices help to provide a “Tuscan” atmosphere and encourage lasting impressions and memories. Andrea Bocelli, a discreet but important presence, accompanies the reader with his quotes and images throughout this emotional tour, helping the reader to enjoy the succession of continuous surprises that Tuscany has to offer. This ebook is a selection from the paper edition “Voices of Tuscany”, purchasable here:

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