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Energy Policy and International Competitiveness

Grassini, Maurizio, Bardazzi, Rossella

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This book is a collection of selected papers presented at the XVI Inforum World Conference organized by the European University of Lefke, North Cyprus, in September 2008. Inforum (Interindustry Forecasting Project at the University of Maryland) was founded in 1967 by Dr. Clopper Almon, now Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland. At international level, partners build national econometric models for their own country sharing a common modelling approach based on a sectoral representation of the economy. The contributions presented here illustrate the wide variety of issues that can be explored using these models, with particular emphasis on energy policies and competitiveness analyses, which are very high on the agenda of policymakers worldwide.Rossella Bardazzi is Associate Professor of Macroeconomics in the «Cesare Alfieri» Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Florence, Italy. She has been working with the Italian Inforum team since completing her PhD thesis in the early nineties and she has been a visiting researcher at Inforum, University of Maryland, several times during these years. Her past research topics include indirect taxation in multisectoral models, household consumption and environmental policies. More recently, in addition to multisectoral modelling, her research interests have also extended to microsimulation modelling for enterprises, fiscal policies and green taxes. Maurizio Grassini is Professor of Econometrics and European Economic Integration in the «Cesare Alfieri» Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Florence, Italy. He has been a member of the Inforum group since 1980 when the first version of the Interindustry Italian Model (INTIMO) was built and became part of the Inforum system of models. Since then his research activity has been directed at implementing the Italian multisectoral model. The paramount use of this model (and the Inforum system of models) is well represented in a number of papers addressing the impact on the European Union of the Central and Eastern European enlargement which took place in the year 2004.

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