Fashion Industry 2030

Reshaping the Future Through Sustainability and Responsible Innovation

Francesca Romana Rinaldi

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


Some key data about the future of the fashion industry highlight the need for immediate action. The increase of clothing consumption will generate an increase in the use of resources and generation of waste. On the other hand, the demand of consumers interested in sustainability is increasing, also in luxury. The book will be investigating the key drivers that are reshaping the fashion industry towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, including traceability and transparency, circularity, collaborative consumption, new technologies, B-corporations. The Author supports the thesis that the most innovative business models in the fashion sector will be based on a value proposition that integrates ethics, aesthetics and innovation, offering product customization, planning the activities for consumer's participation in the company's operations, digitalization, and use of technology in order to optimize the processes along the value chain.

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