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Earth, Water, Fire, Wind

Our Connection to Mother Earth

Kiesha Crowther

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Since the dawning of humanity our ancient ancestors held the answers regarding how to live in harmony with our planet and knew the true understanding of what it meant to be a human being. We once understood the most precious and important connections that unified us with our planet and each other.

 Long before man made religions and the concept that belonging to that religion would make you more worthy or acceptable in the eyes of God, there existed one central belief. A united and absolute understanding that this Earth, this sacred planet is the Mother of us all and without her we could not exist in human form.

It is my profound believe that in order for us to heal ourselves and the damage we have created to our beloved Mother Earth, we must first learn how to love and respect her once again. We must learn from the old traditions in order to go forward. We must look back to our ancient ancestors and what they once knew and held precious in order to heal the deep wounds we each carry within ourselves today. 

Part I,The Four Directions, Elements and You,” offers a deep understanding of how each of the four elements play an essential role in the health and purpose of our planet.  We will learn how interdependent they are to one another and how each element represents itself in the human being. With the knowledge of who we are, what gifts we have within us and how we are connected to this Sacred planet of ours and the elements that sustain Her, we can better understand how to communicate with the natural world. One of the most powerful ways in which we can do this is through creating our own Sacred Site or Medicine Wheel. You will learn the meaning of each element and at the end of each chapter you will learn how this element is represented in your own personal Sacred Site or Medicine Wheel. You will learn how to construct your own sacred site where you can offer your prayers and connect your heart, body, mind and spirit to Mother Earth. 

Part II, “Ancient Sacred Crystals around the world,” focusses on the importance of crystals and the ceremonies I have conducted around the world. I was given several sacred crystals when becoming Little Grandmother to place in specific, high vibrating locations to connect ceremonies and prayers into the planetary energy grid. In this section of the book I will be sharing the detailed stories of where these crystals have been placed and what purpose they serve in helping the healing of humanity and our beloved Mother Earth

Part III, “What can we do?,” shares detailed information and in depth research of what we each can do to create a healthier and more sustainable planet to live on. By making small changes to our lives we can greatly impact the health and healing of our world. For many of us we believe the world’s problems are much too big for any one of us to change, but in fact, simple and small changes to our everyday lives can make an enormous impact for all!

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