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Encyclopaedia Of Total Quality For Project Management Effective Implementation In Total Quality For Project Managemen

Kunal Choudhary

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This Encyclopedia of Total Quality for Project Management explains how to integrate time-tested project management tools with the power of Total Quality Management (TQM) to achieve significant cost reductions. Detailing the ins and outs of applying project management methods to TQM activities, the book provides the understanding to enhance the effectiveness of TQM work. It envelops the concepts, principles, and practices of project management in a process. This process guides a person through steps to plan and manage a project. It examines profitability as it relates to product cost"including the initial work determining investment paybacks. To clear up any confusion about what a true quality improvement is, it includes sections that cover the fundamentals of total quality management and defines the terms used throughout the text. The book is designed for the quality practitioner or individual who has been charged with the TQM responsibility. It clearly demonstrates how to plan and implement TQM for any business: manufacturing or service. Complete with real-world success stories that facilitate comprehension, it illustrates methods that can help to minimize distractions and keep your team focused.

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Project management, Total quality management