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Pracheen Bharat ki Avdharna

Dharm, Rajeenti evam Puratatva par Nibandh

Upinder Singh

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


A major contribution towards the different perspectives and issues central to understanding ancient India

This book engages with some of the most important issues, debates, and methodologies in the writing of ancient Indian history.

Thematically structured, the first section discusses religious and regional processes through a meticulous analysis of inscriptions and material remains. The second—based extensively on archival sources—connects ancient and modern India through a discussion of the beginnings of Indian archaeology and the discovery, interpretation, and reinvention of ancient sites in colonial and post-colonial times. The third underlines the importance of reconstructing the intellectual landscape of ancient India through a sensitive, yet, critical historicization of political ideas in texts and inscriptions. The final section makes a strong case for situating ancient India within a broader,  Asian, frame.

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ancient Indian history, early medieval state formation, History, ancient Indian intellectual history, Asian History