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Karl Marx Siddharthar

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


'Uncaste' is the stellar outcome of the Author's 8 years of patient and persistent research on India's Caste System and the mystery of how it survives. The book is stellar not only in the sense of decoding the sustaining mechanism of Caste but also in constructing a clear pathway to annihilate it. Hence, what begins as a scholarly exposition passionately progresses in issuing a manifesto to perish the Caste System.

By completely tilting the perspective of the readers and compelling them to look at the caste system through the institution of marriage and family, 'Uncaste' succeeds in prickling the most progressive minds that deceive to be Casteless.

The stigma of Unmarriageability expounded by the Author glaringly challenges the intellectual acumen of the Sociologists and Scholars in rightly studying the system of Caste. Academicians are forced to enter into the bloated vacuum that they have so far bypassed in their study. And, Law-makers are cornered to bring in Abolition of Caste into the Constitution.

For the Young generation that yearns for an ideal society but casually overlooks the stains of discrimination that it makes, this book means a spearhead into their conscience.

Close to 80,000 words in total, two chapters of this book have already found its place in International Journals.



castes in india, caste, ambedkar, untouchability, dalits, constitution, annihilation of caste