Encyclopaedia Of Women Society And Culture (Democracy and Women)

Bela Rani Sharma, Raj Pruthi

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


This volume series on Women Society and Culture is an attempt to collate information from various sources on different themes strata it could serge a-s a repository not only to the masses but also to students, researchers. administrators and planners. An attempt has been made to include, systematically, whatever Little information is available in literature in this series. It has also been argued that the caste factor has coexisted with different modes reproduction, right from the tributary modes of production to the present capitalist one. It has-been felt that caste requires for its existence surplus production and economic inequality so these and other related issues have been given due importance in the present volume. The movement for the emancipation of women in India began in the nineteenth century when social reformers criticized the outmoded social practices and stressed more on liberal education for women. Subsequently women participated various kinds of activities ranging from mass scale popular agitations and revolutionary activities to constructive work for Hari. jans and Advises. Some of the best information on this aspect has been incorporated in this series. industrialization has immensely influenced society and culture as a whole. A separate volume has been devoted to the understanding of the ramifications of industrialization and the dynamics of the role of women in the changing scenario. Present day woman is expected not only to be a good partner but also to have a positive outlook. In a socialistic patted of society state the social reform movement taken up forupliftment in this context con stirurc.ar important volume of this series.