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Encyclopaedia Of Islamic Faith And Belief (Worship In Islam)

Allama Muhammad Razi, M.H. Syed

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True to its ideology and philosophy, Islam as a Faith and religion stands for total submission to Almighty, who is the creator of universe and supreme authority for all the worlds. He is also the master of the Day of Judgment. Today, Islam is known as the progressive religion, promoted and preached by Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), who declared oneness of God and invited people to a Faith, which called for belief in unity of God and the prophet hood of Muhammad (Pbuh) himself. But, one significant fact is misunderstood by most of the people, that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is not the founder of Islam. Islam in fact was introduced, through Prophet Adam (Pbuh) at the time of the creation of the world, itself. Islam maintains that Almighty Allah's oneness is absolute and he is the only source of all creation and disposes of all lives and events. Islam stresses upon the prophet hood of Had rat Muhammad (Pbuh), who came to this planet as the benefactor and merciful for all the human beings. Islam's God is God of all the people-not only the believers; and Holy Prophet (Pbuh) is kind and merciful for the whole mankind-not only for his followers. Islam also calls for the fraternity and brotherhood of its followers, forming a single community, termed as Ummah. Islam declares that there would be a Day of Judgment on the last day of this world, termed as Qiyamat. On that day virtues would be rewarded and evils would be punished for. This encyclopedic study is an asset for scholars, religious experts and as well as students.