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Panchayati Raj in Scheduled Areas: A Critical Study

Bakshi D. Sinha, P. S.K. Menon

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Applied psychology is the important branch of psychology i.e. the scientific study of all forms of human and animal behaviour. Applied Psychology must start out with description and classification of facts. Facts once classified and described are then subjected to theoretical analysis and further experiment, and this tends to become explanatory and to be able to make predictions about future facts, This work, in five volumes, consists of sixty chapters, thus covering all the relevant fields of applied psychology. To make the information more coherent, the material is gathered from different authoritative sources. The encyclopaedic information, gathered herein will prove of utmost use to students, teachers and researchers in the domain of psychology. The professionals i.e. practicing psychologists will find this work of dependable reference value.

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