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Icy Magic: Ocean Fairies

Aanya Garg

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Belletristik / Gemischte Anthologien


Ocean fairies were peacefully living in the Icy Palace until Fireblast, a squawker, tricked them and stole their seven magical ocean shells which kept the ocean world safe. Fireblast trapped Oceana the Ocean fairy in a bottle. Will she ever be freed? Who will come to her rescue? How did Fireblast manage to steal the shells? What trouble lies ahead? Read this exciting book and join in the adventure.

The author of this series is a 7-year-old fun loving girl who is a bibliophile and enjoys reading books on fantasy. When she is not reading, she is either with her paintbrush creating beautiful landscape paintings or playing with her younger brother. She is a second grader in a prestigious international school in Singapore.