Psmith in the City

P. G. Wodehouse

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The news of his father's financial difficulties dashes a young cricketer's hopes of attending Cambridge University and playing for the team. Feeling lonely, homesick, and sorry for himself, he rents a horrid room in Dulwich and begins work at the New Asiatic Bank. Mr. Waller, a friendly bank employee, makes him a friend and invites him to lunch. On his return, he meets Psmith, also a new employee, in the same department as Mike.He encounters Psmith, who his father arbitrarily put in the same department as him. Although Psmith intends to play with Bickersdyke outside of work, Mike is concerned that their boss has something against them both and that they are helpless.Mr. Bickersdyke, his new boss, disapproves of employees leaving work to participate in the game. Psmith persuades him to pursue law school instead, and they both resign from their positions.