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Bioresource Management And Climate Change

K.V. Rajendran, Dilip Kumary

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Sachbuch / Natur und Gesellschaft: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


There is an alarming rate of depletion of many of our bioresources due to various factors. Anthropogenic pressure is identified as the major factor which is threatening the existence of various bioresources. Added to this, the imminent global warming and climate change have the potential disastrous impact on many vulnerable bioresources. Not only the sustainable management of these resources is crucial to the existence of human being, but the preparedness to meet the challenges of climate change in protecting and conserving the bioresources is also vital. One of the important and practical approaches would be to consider 'people' as one of the components of the ecosystem. The present volume, comprising of 15 chapters contributed by experts in various fields, has focused on some of the important aquatic and terrestrial bioresources and their conservation and sustainable management. The volume also includes chapters highlighting challenges posed by the climate change, adaptive potential of some of the bioresources and the strategies to overcome the negative impact of climate change on bioresources. The book is expected to be of great help to students, teachers and researchers in the field of fisheries/aquaculture and livestock management.

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