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Of Matters Military

Evolving Challenges (Indian Military)

Mrinal Suman

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The book deals with the evolving challenges confronting the armed forces. After identifying major impediments to the modernization of the armed forces, the book suggests the creation of an independent and duly empowered body to oversee the complete gamut of development, production, procurements, and export of defense systems.      The participation of the armed forces in aid of civil authority has been a matter of intense debate. Delving deep into the issues involved in rendering such aid, the book scans a vast canvas, from sinking shafts for nuclear tests to constructing foot-over-bridges for the railways.  Investment in defense is an essential cost that a nation has to pay to obtain assurance of safety. The book stresses the need to inculcate a culture of cost-consciousness in defense expenditure. It also underlines the importance of defense economics as a discipline.  Finally, as the debate about the entry of women in the armed forces has always been highly subjective in nature, an attempt has been made to highlight common misconceptions.

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