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Of Matters Military

Modernisation Travails (Indian Military)

Mrinal Suman

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A defense acquisition system is a management process by which a nation provides effective, affordable, and timely defense equipment to its armed forces. The book traces the evolution of India's defense acquisition system; faults disjointed functioning for its failure to deliver; and suggests the creation of an independent authority to administer, coordinate, oversee, direct and control multifarious acquisition activities. India has failed to appreciate that procurement of defense equipment is a highly specialized and complex activity needing unique professional skills and attributes. The book recommends a criteria-based selection of acquisition staff, pre-induction training, and sufficiently long tenures. Qualitative requirements, field trials, and staff evaluation are central to the selection of equipment for procurement. Highlighting existing infirmities, the author proposes innovative measures to rationalize the procedure.  As numerous uncertainties afflict every acquisition activity, the book recommends that a risk management plan be prepared at the outset to obviate the need for crisis management at a subsequent stage.

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