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Strategic Year Book 2020

G S Katoch (Hrsg.), Dr. Roshan Khanijo (Hrsg.), B K Sharma (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


The USI of India Strategic Year Book 2020 continues upon the Year Books we have published since 2016 and which have been widely appreciated. The book provides comprehensive researched articles on contemporary security studies by knowledgeable Indian strategic thinkers and scholars both from the military and civil field. The articles deal with security issues covering international and domestic affairs presented in five thematic sections titled 'National Security Overview', 'Internal Security Environment', 'Pakistan-China Strategic Challenge', 'India's Strategic Neighbourhood' and 'National Security Capacity Building'. The articles look at new challenges and responses to the existing paradigm of India's national security. They deal with the complete landscape of this area of study and contribute to security studies in fields of international relations, geo-politics, changes in the character of war, technology, organisational changes and internal security threats and responses. They empower the reader to carry out further research on strategic studies. The Year Book provides an increased “upstream” focus on defence and security policy practice for military, civilian administrative and political leadership and further empowers them in making considered decisions. It will also be of great interest to those researching strategic and security issues.

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