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Of Matters Military

Indian Defence Deals (Need for Transparency and Probity)

Mrinal Suman

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All defence deals are shrouded in varying degree of secrecy. Secrecy and transparency are anti-thesis of each other. Lack of transparency creates doubts about their uprightness. In India’s case, every major defence deal gets mired in allegations of irregularities and financial impropriety. The book identifies stages of the acquisition process that are vulnerable to manipulation and finds the integrity pact to be an infructuous addendum. Implementable corrective measures have been suggested to make defence acquisitions corruption-free. Seven major defence procurements that have come under a cloud in the recent past have been examined in-depth for alleged infirmities and transgressions. Deals for AgustaWestland helicopters and Rafale fighters have been dealt in detail as they continue to hog media attention to date. Agents are omnipresent in all trade transactions the world over. They bring buyers and sellers together; assist in negotiations; and provide post-contract services. However, their role in defence deals has been a subject of intense debate in India for the last four decades now. The book probes the intractable dilemma facing the government.

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