Text Book Of Fish Diseases


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Fish culture is an old branch of Animal Husbandry, But there are few text books on the disease of fishes. Fish is considered as principal source of protein for many people in different parts of the world, particularly in developing countries. Though most fish are caught from nature. fish is now making a significant contribution to total fish production However. The conditions of the aquaculture often results in a higher incidence of fish disease is of immediate practical relevance as well as of scientific interest. The present book attempts to be something of usefulness, as well as being easy to handle and to understand, not only to the specialist, who is occupies with full time with stud of fish biology, but also for the veterinarians and fishes. The text is presented in an orderly fashion, so that it may be better utilized by the readers. The tables for the diagnosis and the treatment of the disease have the same object in view, The book attempt to include details of laboratory techniques and description of the symptoms, Diagnosis and treatment of the important fish diseases. The principal audience for this book is graduate and post graduate student of college and Universities. The book is also appropriate for field scientists, Fish farmers fish consultants and managers of private and government fish health regulatory bodies.

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