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Genomics, Obesity and the Struggle over Responsibilities

Michiel Korthals (Hrsg.)

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This volume addresses the overlapping aspects of the fields of genomics, obesity and (non-) medical ethics. It is unique in its examination of the implications of genomics for obesity from an ethical perspective. Genomics covers the sciences and technologies involved in the pathways that DNA takes until the organism is completely built and sustained: the range of genes (DNA), transcriptor factors, enhancers, promoters, RNA (copy of DNA), proteins, metabolism of cell, cellular interactions, organisms. Genomics offers a holistic approach, which, when applied to obesity, can have surprising and disturbing implications for the existing networks tackling this phenomenon. The ethical concerns and consideration presented are inspired by the interaction between the procedural perspective emphasizing the necessity of consultative and participatory organizational relationships in the new gray zones between medicine and food, and the substantive perspective that both cherishes individual autonomy and embeds it in socio-cultural contexts.

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Anti-Obesity-Pills, Cosmetic Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Autonomy, Ethical Perspective, Genetic Testing, Enhancement Medicine, Economic, Traditional Ethics, DNA, Organisms, Social Environment, Cellular, Genes, Cultural, Public Health, Genomics, Health Problems, Proteins, Gluttony, Food Professionals, Obesity, Body Mass Index, Financial, Negative Medical Consequences, Metabolism, Healthy Life