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Customers the Day After Tomorrow

How to Attract Customers in a World of AIs, Bots, and Automotion

Steven Van Belleghem

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


• Based on research in more than 300 innovative companies, the visionary insights of bestselling author Steven Van Belleghem provide an answer on how to be customer-oriented in a world of automatization and digitalization

• With a chapter by expert Peter Hinssen

Phase 3 of digitalization has started. A phase of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the buying behavior of customers: collecting information, the buying process and customer service have changed dramatically. This book explains the impact of the 'internet of things', virtual assistants, bots and client data. But first of all this is a book about customers. In a world of automatization the most important question remains: how can I be customer-oriented?
"Steven is a much asked for keynote speaker for our events, always a highlight. He has a unique and authentic style: with a combination of academic depth and well-built cases he spices up his presentations with a tremendous amount of humor." - Anthony Belpaire, Google

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